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Welcome to Viewmax Media !

About Viewmax Media

Founded in 1992, Viewmax media is a media publishing company active in the area of content creation, publicity services, international news coverage and media production. Its portfolio includes numerous corporate videos, travel videos, advertorials, infomercials and news reports for international media networks. Viewmax Media owns many Intelectual properties (IP) such as publications, websites and applications..

Content Creation

We are adding value to our clients by creating media content such as videos, podcasts, articles and copywriting materials.

International News

We are working with international media networks providing coverage to newscasts for the Public French speaking TV and Radio networks.

Video Production

Viewmax provides a full line of content production service from inspiration to realization, from concept through research to storytelling.

Live streaming

We are providing a live 3 camera studio production with a green screen (optional) and a post production facility in a great location in down town Athens, Greece.


We are experts in organizing and supporting major sports, cultural events and corporate marketing events, by offering turn key solutions and bringing a fresh perspective and creative flair.

What we do

At Viewmax addressing the demands of the modern business market and satisfying our clients' needs are our company's main objective and primary pursuit. Viewmax Media's philosophy is based on the notion of meticulous planning and strategically designing every step, before and during the completion of each project, ensuring their proper execution and delivery. We address the needs and requirements of each client by proposing and implementing innovative and smart ideas in order to deliver the best results.

content writing

our team of Journalists and Producers is ready to ease your work load by article writing, blogging, video producing and image capturing as a one off or on a regular basis..

Visual Content Production and Distribution

our production team is ready to create and publish for you tv programs, autonomous episodes, YouTube channels with regular (daily, weekly, monthly) content production, Talk shows and travel webisodes.

Event Production


Viewmax Media provides a full line of video production services. In an era where the cutting edge of technology are constantly being redefined, we are committed to using the right tools for every project.

  • online video series
  • infomercials and corporate videos
  • video content for Social Media formats
  • podcast sessions and live recordings
  • television programs

Viewmax media is one of the first companies in Greece that was involved with “digital content marketing” concepts, creating for itself a series of solutions for the travel industry. We have created a unique platform, where visual information influences the users and makes them familiar with a specific travel destination of Greece. This “info-simulation” provided by the platform, enables users to make better decisions to visit Greece.

viewmax screen

Networks that we work with


EXPLORING GREECE TV Ecosystem Travel Platform

a informercial platform that constantly evolves and consists of travel content for Greece and Cyprus using various channels, such as smart TV apps, printed publications, OTT apps and online assets.

Smart TV apps

myGreece app for Samsung & LG smart tv, connects the user to destinations in Greece from the confort of their home.

OTT Apps

Free travel video guides are available for Amazon Fire TV & Rocu TV with global viewing audiences.

viewmax devices

Online Assets

informecial websites and Social Media pages, Youtube channels etc that highlights destinations in Greece with articles, blogs and videos.

Printed Publications

Special printed edition of a coffee table photobooks, capturing one of the most historical regions in the world, the Attica region including 400+ images translated in 5 languages and printed on 2 sizes.

our apps are available on

Projects & Products

our digital assets


37 Ypsilantou str, Athens Greece

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