Project Description


SANTORINI TRAVEL VIDEO GUIDE (application for Amazon Fire Tv and Roku TV) Creation of an informercial Travel application consisting of over 15 videos:

  • short videos up to 6 minutes in duration with a very specific subject such as a specific region, museum, city, or attraction, etc that gives in-depth information for every single matter.
  • English voice-over narrative for better understanding on a global scale
  • Not Branded Videos – All the videos don’t have any commercial branding

App Description:

When it comes to describing the Greek islands, the tourist hype happens to be right: Santorini is by far the most breathtaking island in the whole Aegean sea – a place that is assured of international popularity at all times. What makes Santorini special is that it’s the remnant of a huge volcanic eruption about 3,600 years ago that split open a huge landmass and sent a great tsunami surging for hundreds of miles. The island today is the visible result of that cataclysmic event that exposed the red, black and brown layers of rock cliffs that are so striking when you approach by sea.

The brilliant calm of the great bay is deceptive, as billions of cubic meters of red-hot magma are boiling beneath the sea bed. The Santorini volcano is one of the active ones of the Mediterranean, along with Mount Etna and Stromboli. It has actually erupted a couple of times in the past hundred years or so, but Scientists tell us that we’ll have plenty of warning before it blows again. Meanwhile, enjoy Santorini – life on the edge, in a quite literal sense. Next time, we tell you how to get there.

Project Details

  • Client

    Viewmax Media

  • Skills

    • Video Production
    • App Creation
    • Distribution
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