Project Description

Game it” is the result of the collaboration of the companies Byte, Omega Technology and Viewmax, the Research Center “ATHENA” as well as well as Doukas School.​ It is a research project which has created a 3D educational platform that utilises the methodology of learning through digital gaming (Gamed-based Learning).
The platform consists of a digital environment where teachers/curators “create scenarios”, taking advantage of a large repository of material, making the lesson more interactive, in order to improve the reading skills of the students.
Viewmax media produced the audiovisual elements, which were incorporated in the digital environment of the platform (in-game production).
We also undertook the publicity of the platform as well as of the event “Gamification in the educational process” for the presentation of the project.


Project Details

  • Client

    EU Funding program

  • Skills

    • Video Production
    • Publicity
    • Event
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