Marketing Excellence Awards

Since 2007, the Marketing Excellence Awards ισ the only institution in Greece dedicated in rewarding innovative ideas and effective actions in the Marketing field.
The awarding event is held biannually by the Hellenic Institute of Marketing (EIM) of the Hellenic Management Association (EEDE).
Marketing Excellence Awards are the most important honorary distinction in the area of Marketing in Greece. It addresses all companies operating in Greece, whether they operate in the private or public sector.
Viewmax Media undetakes entirely the digital production of all the videos that are broadcasted during the night of the awarding event, from the mood video to nominations and videos of each category's winner.

Educational game platform "Game it" (Gamed-based learning)

"Game It" is the result of the collaboration of the companies Byte, Omega Technology and Viewmax, the Research Center "ATHENA" as well as well as Doukas School.​It is a research project which has created a 3D educational platform that utilises the methodology of learning through digital gaming (Gamed-based Learning). The platform consists of a digital environment where teachers/curators "create scenarios", taking advantage of a large repository of material, making the lesson more interactive, in order to improve the reading skills of the students. For the needs of the project, Viewmax contributed in the production of audiovisual elements, which were incorporated in the digital environment of the platform (in-game production).
Lastly, we undertook the publicity of the platform as well as of the event "Gamification in the educational process" for the presentation of the project.

Travel video platform - / /

These sites are a an online travel guide of Greece and Cyprus in the form of a webTv, the goal of which is to operate as a guide through short, high-quality videos and familiarise the viewer with the most popular touristic destinations in Greece, such as Mykonos, Santorini, Crete and others.It includes all kinds of videos, ranging from general videos regarding the ambience and history of the destination, to videos about archaeological sites, sightseeing attractions and beaches, as well as how-to videos.On behalf of our client, Viewmax Studios has undertaken the entire content creation process, from production planning, filming and editing the material, up to promoting the webTv to the press. So far, we have produced a total of 880 videos, with subtitles in three languages: English, French - and to selected destinations - Chinese.​Apart from the webTVs, our company has also created a SmartTV application for Samsung and LG devices, on which the same content is hosted.

"Exploring Attica" our ongoing web Show

Web show revolving around Attica and excursion ideas.

Parnitha, Eleusis, Vravrona, Kitheronaw mountain and Porto Rafti are just some of the secret treasures of Attica, waiting for us to explore them.
"Exploring Attica" is a greek series of separate episodes, in each of which we discover a different corner of the unknown Attica. The goal of these short, high quality videos is to present Attica as an option for a one-day getaway or a weekend destination. The show highlights important aspects of Attica, like its historical significance and natural beauty, and provides ideas for affordable excursions with an environmentally friendly vehicle.
Viewmax Media has undertaken entirely the production of the show, from the early stages of research and planning, up to filming, editing, placement and promotion of the final product.