Coverage of International News & Events

Viewmax Media is active in the area of International news broadcast serving the correspondents / journalists in Greece. Although we have worked with most international media located in Greece, a major part of its work comes from the French speaking TV and Radio network with worldwide coverage.

Support for upcoming productions

Do you have a production coming to Greece or to Cyprus?

Do you need a crew, a producer or a fixer?

Viewmax Media can support you if you have an upcoming shoot in Greece or in Cyprus. We can assist you in any way from legal services and booking venues to issue permits etc. We can also provide experienced crews with the latest equipment and gear at a highly competitive price. We can support you from a simple one-camera shoot to multi-camera shoot requiring a full crew. We can also provide you with experts from our network of Broadcast professionals and technicians in Greece with many years of experience, from TV directors, sound engineers to gaffer crews. We have assisted many producers !